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    About Us

    About The Shop


    When I opened my small bike shop, I had one primary focus in mind.  A bicycle repair and bicycle shop with superior service. Serving Arlington, Mansfield and surrounding areas.


    What this means to me is, that what I "sell" is the best possible  service I can provide.  The "parts" that are associated with this, are  just that, parts.  I see them as what is necessary to make your service  experience with me as honest, and straight forward as possible. 

    Whether  you buy them online, or let me find the best possible pricing for you,  in the end, it's the quality, one on one experience I bring to my customers.  

    Additionally, I chose a location that allows me to keep my prices the  most competitive you can find, even including online.  I'm here to guide  my customers towards what is best for THEM, not what I need to sell on a  sales floor.  

    Best Products and Prices

    Besides top notch service and repair, The Shop is proud to be a Niner Bikes Dealer!

    We chose Niner due to it's incredible product, AND the ability to custom order to suit YOUR needs, and not what we have on the floor.

    Not having stagnant inventory allows us to bring you the best, up to date pricing available.  Not only for Niners, but for all possible and available parts and Accessories.

    Personal Experience

    It's not just the pricing on service and products that describes The Shop.

    It's the personal and "friend" based approach to customers.  We treat every customers like a friend and give the same top treatment whether you are a pro or a casual weekend rider.

    We treat every bike as if it were our own.

    My promise to my customers is that I will  be completely transparent with my pricing. There's no "hidden" markups and  no "up-selling".  I'm here to make your cycling experience as enjoyable  as possible!



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    We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

    The Shop

    200 SOUTH WALNUT CREEK RD Suite 104, Mansfield, TX 76063, US

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